03.12.15 – 05.01.16

Print Program # 1
Kill the Fathers
Posters from South Korea

with works from Chae byung rok, FNT, jaeminlee, Jin Dallae & Park Woohyuk, Kim Do hyung, Kim Kijo, Na Kim, Sulki&Min...

«Switz­er­land was our father. When only glan­cing at Japan clai­med us bad­ges and rule the town, Switz­er­land see­med like the per­fect cheat sheet to lead us into the future. We all belie­ved in it, and never doub­ted. Like a piece of sweet addic­tive cho­co­late, we never voiced a second thought. Switz­er­land seem like an exqui­si­tely orga­ni­zed train ticket and we tried to be like them. (Could not be, and should not be…) We read Jan Tschi­chold and memo­ri­zed Wein­gart. At some point, arm­bands were worn on our arms as an order. Every child sang of Switz­er­land. We spent a while like this. There became anxious as the arm­bands grew wea­ker, and some of us left home. Howe­ver, most of us hyp­no­ti­zed our­sel­ves and others into thin­king that the arm­bands were still valid. Those whom left home retur­ned for the Nether­lands, and this addic­ted them qui­cker than Switz­er­land. Under the Dutch, the new father, Switz­er­land looked small and old. The cho­co­late was no lon­ger sweet. Like this, we situa­ted and framed our­sel­ves in Switz­er­land and the Nether­lands for the past 20 years. All unfit­ted thoughts got cut out, and the abi­lity to think some­thing new got castra­ted as whole. We all became of the same color, same appearance. We must kill our father. Not to get a new father, but to define our authen­tic voice.» Kim Do-hyung, cura­tor of the exhi­bi­tion, Seoul.